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Cincinnati Wedding Photography – Your 2nd Photographer!

Cincinnati Wedding Photography – Your 2nd Photographer! This weeks Cincinnati wedding photography advice is talking all about the ‘2nd photographer’ on wedding days. In my initial consultations with couples, the 2nd photographer is something I get asked about a lot. ‘Is there a 2nd photographer?’ ‘How many hours do they shoot?’ ‘Are they necessary?’ ‘Who are they?’ All wonderful […]


July 11, 2017

Wedding Advice – Photography Beyond Your Wedding

Wedding Advice – Photography Beyond your Wedding This weeks Cincinnati Wedding Advice is all about your photography…beyond your wedding day! More and more, couples are thinking of photography just beyond their wedding day, and with good reason. There are many wonderful opportunities for real and true candid photography of you with your family and friends, both before […]


June 20, 2017

Cincy Weddings By Maura – Vendor Spotlight

Cincinnati Weddings By Maura – Vendor Spotlight Fridays on the Ben Elsass Photography blog are going to be all about spotlighting some of my favorite vendors and venues here in Cincinnati! Beginning today with Cincy Weddings by Maura! Check my post from this past Tuesday to see why hiring a wedding planner can be so […]


June 9, 2017

Hire a Cincinnati Wedding Planner! – Cincinnati Wedding Advice

Hire a Cincinnati Wedding Planner! Today’s Tuesday Tip is going to tie in directly with our vendor spotlight this coming Friday! (Stay tuned!) Feeling overwhelmed by all the planning? Don’t know where to begin? Have you been ‘planning’ for months and  feel like you’ve gotten no where? Or maybe you’re just worried about things running […]


June 6, 2017

Cincinnati Wedding Advice – Skip This Old Wedding Tradition

SKIP THE RECEIVING LINE This weeks Cincinnati wedding advice concentrates on skipping an old wedding tradition and how to replace it. Over the years, wedding traditions will change. I remember when I was a kid going to weddings, there was always a receiving line. The bride and groom would always meet every guest at the end […]


May 16, 2017

Cincinnati Wedding Advice – Put the First Dance First!

Time for some more Cincinnati Wedding advice! Tuesday Tips are ideas (and tips) that I’ve developed after years of photographing weddings. These are my opinions, but things that I think most brides & grooms have found helpful through the years. The Grand Entrance  There are lots of different ways to lay out your wedding day and […]


May 9, 2017

Cincinnati Wedding Advice – Unplug Your Wedding!

Cincinnati Wedding Advice – Unplug Your Wedding This weeks Cincinnati Wedding advice and Tuesday Tip is a popular one of late. Unplug your wedding! I won’t begin to pretend this is an original thought, but one I just agree with strongly. This isn’t just something brides and groom should read, but if you’ll ever be […]


May 2, 2017

Wedding Photography Tips – Don’t Worry About The Weather!

Wedding Photography Tips – Don’t Worry About The Weather! This week’s Cincinnati Wedding Photography #tuesdaytip Tip is: Don’t Worry About the Weather on Your Wedding Day! From the time you’re first engaged, to your actual wedding day, there can be A LOT of time spent making decisions, planning and in some cases…over-analyzing. Many of these […]


April 25, 2017

Wedding Photography Tips – Enjoy Your Wedding Photographer!

Wedding Photography Tips – Hire A Wedding Photographer You Enjoy Being Around Time for another Tuesday ‘Wedding Photography Tips’ to help your planning go that much smoother! When hiring your Cincinnati wedding photographer, it may sound obvious, but it’s so important that you hire a wedding photographer that you not only trust, but someone you…LIKE. Someone […]


April 18, 2017

Cincinnati Photobooth – Presenting Photosphere!

Capturing your night’s emotion…in motion! Awhile back, I teased a new Cincinnati photobooth awhile back on the Ben Elsass Photography Instagram feed. Today, I’m ready to officially announce this exciting new add-on to Ben Elsass Photography. Introducing Photosphere! Photosphere is the newest and most unique new Cincinnati Photobooth, but not in the traditional sense. Instead of producing […]


April 13, 2017