'Day In A Life': Ben Elsass Photography is excited to announce 'A Day In A Life', family documentary photography! 'A Day In A Life' documents and captures what really makes your family special and unique. The goal is to spend time with your family documenting everything that happens in a given day spontaneously. Playtime in a park, waking up from naps, meals together, soccer practice, etc. There is so much that happens in a day in the life of a family; there are so many memories that can easily be forgotten or missed. 'A Day In A Life' is a wonderful way to help remember some of those moments: that shirt he wore when he was one years old, what her hair looked like as a three year old, or how excited they were when Mommy or Daddy came home from work. It truly is a documentary of your family for a day. These sessions are usually best done in the summers, if your kids are old enough to be in school. A small 'traditional portrait session' (see below) is included at the end of our day together too. There are two different 'A Day In A Life' packages to choose from and they begin at $600. Sessions are available seven days a week. Please contact us for more information. 

Traditional Portrait Sessions: In contrast to 'A Day In The Life', these sessions are roughly 90 minutes with the goal of capturing more traditional portraits of your kids and family. These sessions will make amazing art work for your walls, or photo albums to hand down for years to come. The goal is to capture timeless pictures that will elicit emotion and nostalgia. Take some time and think of a location that is meaningful to you and your family, and if you’re not sure where to have the shoot, be sure to ask about my favorite spots! The 90-minute sessions include unlimited location and wardrobe changes! Session fees begin at $250. Traditional portrait sessions are available Monday through Thursday.

Mini-Sessions: Mini-Sessions are available at sporadic times throughout the year. More often then not, they are scheduled at the end of Spring/beginning of Summer and in the Fall to make use of those beautiful colors. For those of you always on the go, these sessions last a quick 25 minutes and are designed to capture fun & traditional family photos that would be perfect for wall art, as well as your holiday cards. Watch the blog, our newsletter and Facebook page for when the sessions are announced. Mini-sessions do have some restrictions, so please contact us for more information. 

Contact us to schedule a date, time, and location for any of the above shoots as well as to learn more about each type of session. Consultations prior to shooting our recommended, and most meetings take place at my office (located in Mariemont), presenting a perfect time for you to view albums, canvas gallery wraps, photo clusters and other products that are available for you to display your memories. After our photo session, we will schedule your private viewing session within four to six weeks of our shoot date. There, you'll be able to look through and decide on your favorites from our day.