With so many talented Cincinnati wedding photographers in the area, brides-and- grooms-to- be are blessed with a great problem to have: figuring out where to even start when searching for the best Cincinnati wedding photography. 

As both a groom and now a Cincinnati wedding photographer, I have been on both sides of this matter and am more than familiar with the large amount of options out there. That's why I've put together this guide on what to look for when shopping for a top wedding photographer in Cincinnati. 

Just like you would when choosing your wedding dress, suit, or a wedding venue, you should take your time when selecting a Cincinnati wedding photographer. Every professional is different, and obviously the best photographer for one couple might not be as good a fit for another. For me, it's important in the months leading up to a wedding to mesh and build a relationship with the couple. I know then that once the day of the shoot comes, the trust we've built will show in front of the lens and result in natural-looking photos you'll cherish forever. 

This doesn't have to be a difficult process, and a great Cincinnati wedding photographer can be found by looking at a few key things in particular. With everything else that planning a wedding entails, I hope the following suggestions can make photography one less thing to worry about leading up to your big day:

Cincinnati Wedding Photographers - How To Find The "One"

1) Experience

A top Cincinnati wedding photographer should have nothing short of a bountiful and diverse portfolio bursting with tons of Cincinnati wedding photos that you fall in love with at first sight. Overall, these pictures should represent a vision of what you hope your personal Cincinnati wedding photography to look like. Upon meeting with your potential photographer for the first time, they also should be able to ease any hesitations and answer all your questions about the wedding photographer-hiring process. 

But experience goes beyond just having taken a bunch of Cincinnati wedding photos and being a smooth talker. It also requires knowing the area well and the ins and outs of the best locations to shoot both engagement sessions and weddings at. From GreenAcres Arts Center to Pinecroft to Ault Park, there are so many great Cincinnati wedding venues to choose from and it pays to find a Cincinnati wedding photographer that knows their way around yours.

Know too that most wedding photographers don't necessarily confine themselves to just one city, and many Cincinnati photographers may also regularly shoot in Dayton, Columbus, Lexington, Louisville, and even at destination weddings. For instance, I've personally been lucky enough to shoot weddings in popular Midwest locations like Chicago, St. Louis, northern Michigan, and Omaha, as well as in more exotic destinations like Aruba, Malibu, Puerto Rico, Joshua Tree National Park, St. Maarten, and St. Lucia. Each of these came with their own unique challenges and helped me further develop my skillset as a Cincinnati wedding photographer.

2) Style

Another very important thing to look at is a photographer's style. A highly-rated wedding photographer in Cincinnati may have a style you don't particularly enjoy, while another may have the exact kind of personality, approach, and taste that you love most in wedding photography. 

My own personal strength is my approach and ability to capture couples as they "are". Most people aren't used to having a camera pointed at them, but with my unique approach you'll be focusing on your partner instead of me after just a few minutes, leading to extremely natural-looking Cincinnati wedding and engagement photos. 

The overall goal with every engagement session or wedding I shoot is to create an honest photographic story of the couple's day. This is why I tell every couple before taking even a single picture to "just be yourselves." When you show each other the love and warmth that brought you together to the moment of the shoot, your Cincinnati wedding pictures are guaranteed to turn out beautiful, natural, and true to who you are.

3) Investments And Options

Just like all Cincinnati photographers aren't perfect for every couple, neither are all Cincinnati wedding photography packages. Getting someone talented to capture your wedding is obviously important, but so is making sure there are attractive ways to display and remember your Cincinnati wedding photos after the big day has come and gone. 

For many, wedding albums are the most important investment option to look into. Fine art albums are a tangible piece of your wedding day that you can pass down to your children and grandchildren. While slideshows and private online galleries are great in that they can easily be shared with distant friends and family members, it's these elegant albums that become true family heirlooms. 

On the other hand, some couples are content with ordering some beautiful wall art to decorate their home with, or prints and softcover albums of their favorite wedding day pictures for themselves and their family members. No matter how you prefer to display and remember your engagement and wedding photos, it's important to look at a Cincinnati wedding photographer's investment options ahead of time. Great photography is an investment, one that results in images capturing you two in that special moment of your lives, forever.

Finding A Top Cincinnati Wedding Photographer

Ultimately, finding the Cincinnati wedding photographer of your dreams is a matter of asking the right questions and developing a good idea of what you want. If you keep those things (as well as the above points) in mind, you'll have no problem finding "the one"; you'll want next to you on your big day. 

To see if I'm the right one for you, learn more about my experience, my Cincinnati wedding photography package options, and my style. If you have any questions, shoot me a note via my contact page or to ben@benelsassphotography.com.




my philosophy

Together, we'll create a photographic story of that moment, and of that day, that you can treasure forever. 

In my experience, it is vital for us to get to know each other in the weeks and months leading up to our shoot. Building relationships with the couples I work with is one of my favorite parts of the wedding photography process. My goal is that by the time your big day arrives, you'll trust through the relationship that we've built, and know that I will be able to capture those unique and special moments, that mean the most to you. The resulting images, will represent you two at that moment, in your lives together.

When taking pictures, regardless of whether it's an engagement session or wedding day, my goal is always to capture a natural and true representation of you two, as the couple you are. Before snapping a single picture, I tell every couple: Be yourselves and show each other the love and affection that brought you to this point today, and I promise the images will turn out beautiful.” Some couples are very romantic and serious in front of the camera, while others are super goofy and light-hearted, because every couple is different. 

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